Hypocrisy Over Diabetes Had Not Sunk Her

Paula Deen hid her diabetes diagnosis for three years and then came out with her illness while signing on as spokesperson for a diabetes drug, all the while continuing to promote sugary, high-calorie recipes like Twinkie Pie, Deep Fried Cheesecake Fried Stuffing on a Stick.

Her brand, which is all about food, survived.

Yet somehow she couldn’t survive using the “N” word. The key with the “N” word is to own the mistake, explain it and apologize right away. When she did the no-show with Matt Lauer, that raised questions. Though she had already admitted using the word, folks felt she had something to hide.

Many who followed the diabetes story in 2012 were upset and disappointed by what they heard, but people saw Deen as this harmless, sweet-talking Southern Belle, if finally a little slick. They gave her a pass.

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