Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”​ Puts Black Americans in Context

Honoring Michelle Obama During Women’s History Month

Becoming is everything. We know that by now. It was 2018’s number one bestselling literary work, period. Our “Forever First Lady” has sold out stadiums on her North American book tour. She was the topic of everyone’s blog and on everyone’s talkshow. While the book-release buzz has mellowed out a bit, March is about the amazingness of women’s accomplishments. I am honored to recognize Michelle Robinson Obama as an indelible part of Women’s History Month. She, just like the former First Family, is American history. 

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Black media is becoming more underground. 

The revelation sucked all the air out of the room when multicultural marketing and media expert, Deborah Gray-Young delivered the news to a group of marketing professionals. Some of us sighed as if facing defeat. We’ve been living this reality – the fall-out from the divestment and divestiture of Black media by business leaders (i.e.declining ad investments, closed/bankrupt media businesses, etc.). 

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AdAge | Marketers Need to Understand the Fallout Over Gabby Douglas’ ‘Do’

For Black Women, Issues of Image and Self-Worth Often Focus on Hair

via Big Tent on Adage.com

When Gabby Douglas unexpectedly captured the Olympic Gold medal in gymnastics this summer, I was elated, peacock proud and genuinely happy for the 16-year-old and her family. It was all the more special for me because she is African American. Then, incredibly, followed flack from critics black and non-black about Douglas’ post-performance hairstyle!

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AdAge | Except for the Obamas, Where Are Black Couples in the Media?

Showing Love Is a Great Way to Reach the Black Community

How often do we see or hear in the media about a black man rescuing a black woman? Tarzan rescued Jane; Matt Dillon rescued Miss Kitty; Superman rescued Lois and Spiderman rescued Mary Jane. Now, finally, we have a popular black example: Django rescues his wife, Broomhilda, in the film “Django Unchained.”

While true love is not restricted by race or gender, black love, between a black man and black woman, continues to be a really big deal in the black community. Just about every February, popular black magazines focus on “Black Love.” Both Ebony and Essence’s February cover stories this year stayed true to this tradition.

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BLACK is the New Black

New Study and Ongoing Insights Challenge the Rush to embrace Cross Cultural Marketing

“One of the latest buzz words to enter the marketing lexicon is “cross-cultural” It paints an idealistic picture of a color blind society, one in which consumes’ similarities outweigh their differences regardless of ethnic groups.” —Is Cross Cultural An Industry Breakthrough or Threat to Ethnic Shops by Michael Bush – Advertising Age  (1/31/2011)

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